Origins/REboot 3.0

“A mixtape or mixed tape is a compilation of songs recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a compact audio cassette.”

I love how is so useful.  The origins mentioned in the title of this post, I suppose refer to the origins of this blog, or rather the origins of the title of this blog.

Being born in the late 80′s makes the concept of “mixtape” still relevant to me, however ever so slightly.  The closest I ever came to a mixed tape was creating CDs and burning them for later enjoyment… though I would probably cringe at my taste in music in retrospect.  The idea of mishmashing your own songs is in itself creative, and stems from personality likes and dislikes… kind of like your 20s, the time you are most likely to explore, be mixed up, discover and like a variety of different things that don’t necessarily fit under the same umbrella. “Mixtape” in terms of the title is also a play on the word ‘mistake’,  and the mistakes you make and experiences you have truly shape who you are.  Nature vs nurture perhaps?

Both this post and this blog are seeing their third incarnation. I’ve attempted to launch a blog, this blog, three times now.  However I’ve never truly invested the time, or found a drive to post on a regular basis. I hope the third time is the charm.

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